The Hobbs Family as early settlers of California. Nancy Kelsey the First American Woman in California 1841, Sarah Jane Hobbs Lewis Stubblefield came on a 1853 Wagon train. Mahala Gann came with her parents in 1847 on the Hopper Wagon train. In 1846, John Wheeler Green, abt. four years old, the family crossed the plains as members of the ill-fated Donner Party, but left that group in, joining the Wheeler/Harlan Wagon train, thus escaping the fate which befell the Donner’s. From Olive C. Hobbs

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Samuel Kelsey Hobbs

Samuel Kelsey HOBBS was born 22 Nov 1834 in IN, and died 1901 in Orcutt, Santa Barbara Co, CA. He was the son of 2. Abner HOBBS and 3. Annie KELSEY HEDRIC. He married Mahala Jane GANN 08 Sep 1857 in San Joaquin Co, CA, daughter of Nicholas GANN and Ruth FRAZIER. She was born 18 May 1841 in Pike Co, MO, and died 08 Apr 1925 in Orcutt, Santa Barbara Co, CA.

Children of Samuel Kelsey HOBBS and Mahala Jane GANN are:
i. Joseph Lane HOBBS was born 21 Aug 1863 in Stockton, CA, and died 19 Aug 1936 in Fruitvale, CA. He married Nancy Elnora STUBBLEFIELD 30 Jul 1887 in Santa Maria, CA, daughter of Absolom STUBBLEFIELD and Nancy Jane HARRIS. She was born 19 May 1867 in Knights Valley, Sonoma Co, CA, and died 18 Jun 1909 in Santa Maria, Santa Barbara Co, CA.
ii. Bertha Mae HOBBS was born 13 Dec 1874 in CA, and died 30 Aug 1964 in Santa Barbara Co, CA. She married Frank Thomas Franklin HOWERTON 26 Feb 1889 in Santa Maria, Santa Barbara Co, CA. He was born 03 Feb 1868 in KS, and died 24 May 1953 in Lompoc, Santa Barbara Co, CA.
iii. William A. HOBBS was born 1858 in CA, and died 1945.

iv. John Henry HOBBS was born 1860 in CA.

v. Melvina Jane HOBBS was born 17 Feb 1865 in Santa Cruz, CA, and died 04 Dec 1954 in Lompoc, CA. She married Thomas Henry MARTIN 15 Sep 1883 in Pine Grove, CA. He was born 21 Feb 1863 in MO, and died 01 Apr 1926 in Lompoc, CA.
vi. Berdina Olive HOBBS was born 1867 in CA. She married Mattison Warren HOWERTON. He was born 19 Mar 1863 in IL, and died 27 Feb 1941 in Santa Barbara Co, CA.
vii. Rosetta HOBBS was born 1869 in CA, and died 1887 in CA.

viii. James HOBBS was born 21 Nov 1872 in CA, and died 18 Sep 1954 in Santa Barbara Co, CA.
ix. Nicholas N. HOBBS was born 11 Jan 1882 in CA, and died 07 Sep 1962 in Santa Barbara Co, CA.
x. Edith Estell HOBBS was born 05 Oct 1884 in CA, and died 09 Feb 1963 in Santa Barbara Co, CA.


Blogger pamela said...

My name is Pamela Sue Hobbs,
I was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1964,
My father is Robert Howard Hobbs, My grandfather, Floyd Howard Hobbs Sr.
I have been doing alot of reading on the Hobbs name.
Very very interesting.
I love being a Hobbs from California.

April 16, 2005 at 4:48 PM  
Blogger heather said...

I was shocked to see my familys name. I searched for myself and saw my dads name. It turns out that my dad is part of the 6th generation. Who knew?

November 11, 2005 at 2:54 AM  

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