The Hobbs Family as early settlers of California. Nancy Kelsey the First American Woman in California 1841, Sarah Jane Hobbs Lewis Stubblefield came on a 1853 Wagon train. Mahala Gann came with her parents in 1847 on the Hopper Wagon train. In 1846, John Wheeler Green, abt. four years old, the family crossed the plains as members of the ill-fated Donner Party, but left that group in, joining the Wheeler/Harlan Wagon train, thus escaping the fate which befell the Donner’s. From Olive C. Hobbs

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Anna Kelsey Wife of Abner

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I presume that your b. date shown in your message for Abner Hobbs was just an error. Do you have additional info of why the families went to TX?
Something I discovered the other day - that on the 1876 Stone Co. MO STATE census, it shows an Abner & Anna HOBBS. Abner was supposed to have died 1873, I do believe he is on the 1880 Stone Co. Census & I have sent for the films for Tax lists for 1880 - 1883. I do wish I knew for sure where he & Anna were buried.
Thanks for all the info you have been sharing.
Joy in MO

Re: Anna Kelsey wife of Abner Hobbs

Posted by: Tom Hobbs
Date: January 26, 2002 at 17:57:53
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Yes it was an error. Thanks for pointing it out:) The researcher data that I trust the most, says Abner born 1799 VA died 1881 in AR. Dubois Co., IN in 1820. Johnson Co., IN 1830, Barry Co., MO 1840, Madison Co., AR 1850, Carroll Co., AR 1860, Stone Co., MO 1870. 1880 location not listed. Nathanial, one of children in Texas 1880. Look at Navarro and Cooke Counties. There appears to be disagreement on the Indiana locations. Trust that you will/can confirm 1820 and 1830. The letter I have has 9 children for Abner.

I agree on the 1830 Johnson Co., IN census info. I haven't pinpointed him for 1820 as yet. I'm not positive he was in IN at that time. Maybe DuBois Co., but there are two Abners in the census records for Indiana, if you follow the other one, he stayed there. (Land records, etc.)
Thanks for the Ark. info for Abner. Do you have a county reference for either of them for burial? Although his will was dated 1873, it wasn't registered until 1884. Which leads me to believe, this is after the death of Anna. If you look at the Stone Co., MO 1880 census, you likely will find Abner & Anna misspelled as HOLLS/HALLS.
Do you by chance know who the Moore Children referred to in his will belong to? I'm leaning toward them as children of Jane McDowell who shows on the 1870 census of Stone Co. MO as living with Abner & Anna. Do you have any info on her?
I find a Jane McDowell in the 1880 census as living in Box, Cedar Co., MO of the appropriate age - but no one else in the household. The states shown are Jane b IN, parents - VA KY. Was she married before to a Moore? I believe at least one of her sisters who went to CA was married in Cedar Co., MO. so this isn't a far-fetched plausible connection.
Regarding Nathan who shows up in Texas, he would be a grandson of Abner, child of Nathan & Mary Gentry. Nathan sr. reportedly died 1862 in Springfield, MO while awaiting courtmarshall during the CW. His wife married A. J. Leonard.
I found on the 1880 CD census index some Nathan Hobbs info, but some of it doesn't seem to make absolute connection to be the right person. Will have to check further on this.

Hi ~

Still don't know where either one are buried. My hubby Max remembers some graves on the Hobbs farm in Stone Co., MO. One of these days, we might try to locate them. Also, there are 25-50 graves @ the old Hendrickson School nearby. None documented other than verbal recollection by Edna Hazel McCullough Lowery. She also remembers a couple of graves on the Hobbs farm and suspected they might be for Abner & Anna.

As I said before, Abner & Anna are on the 1880 Stone Co., MO census as Halls/Holls. They are also on the 1876 Stone Co., MO census (more of an agricultrual census) I've transcribed it and have a copy. Very clear on the names in the 1876 so I sure wish people would set their records straight. Neither was dead before the census of 1880.

Whoever reported Anna as D. in Ark. 1884, have no clue. Haven't found where. Maybe went to live with a child if Abner died first?

Also, something else I am trying to investigate, there are conflicts of who Abners parents are reported to be. One account states Nathan Hobbs & Mary Ann Wilson, a 2nd account states Nathan Hobbs & Mary Ann Lawrence/Laurence Tinney


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