The Hobbs Family as early settlers of California. Nancy Kelsey the First American Woman in California 1841, Sarah Jane Hobbs Lewis Stubblefield came on a 1853 Wagon train. Mahala Gann came with her parents in 1847 on the Hopper Wagon train. In 1846, John Wheeler Green, abt. four years old, the family crossed the plains as members of the ill-fated Donner Party, but left that group in, joining the Wheeler/Harlan Wagon train, thus escaping the fate which befell the Donner’s. From Olive C. Hobbs

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

John Henry Hobbs

Ok I have John Henry Hobbs death cert. He died 12/17/1907 in Bakersfield he was 47 years 8 months 29 days old when he past of and intestinal obstruction contributed by rectal cancer. The person listed as confirming the personal info. on John was W.A. Hobbs. John is buried at union cemetary. I also have his funeral cost sheet which is interesting as well as the notice in the newpaper. The death cert. confirms Samuel as his father born in Ind.and M.J. Gann born in Missouri.

His daughter Hazel Married Ernest Mathis (Have Cert.) 3/10/1917 She was 18 and He was 27!

Hazel Grace Hobbs DOB 7/29/1898 in California DOD (Have Cert.) 3/1/1973 in Bakersfield after a severe stroke leaving her unable to speak and paralized on one side of her body. She was in a convalesent hospital for almost a year and a half before her passing.

Child # 1 George Deryl Mathis DOB 9/2/1918 DOD 1/1/1994 in Kern

Child # 2 Vernon Alston Mathis DOB 12/10/1919 DOD 8/26/1958 in Kern

Child # 3 Betty Louise Mathis (Meaglia) DOB 4/27/1925 DOD 12/10/1987 in Kern ( Have Cert.)

Betty is my Grandmother she Married James Franklin Vertrees (no cert. yet) They had my Mother;

Diane Leigh Vertrees DOB 9/7/1942 DOD 7/9/1993

Betty married and divorced 4 times. Gave a son up for adoption (we found him) he currently live in Montana.

Census records: 1920 Kern county 16th twp. page 45 list My great grandparents Ernest, Hazel 2 sons alon with Ernest Hobbs and wife Clara with Mother Emma and her son George Hobbs in one house.

" " 1930 Kern co. Taft page 48 (my great Grandparents).

I hope this was not confusing? I have more info. I can share with you later. I would also love to hear about your side an picture too.



Blogger Brenda said...

Hi, John Henry Hobbs was my great grandfather. His son Henry Leonard Hobbs was my mother's father. I have a picture of Aunt Hazel and her sister Maude. Do you have any info on Maude? I remember her from when I was younger but don't have her husbands name or when she died.

September 12, 2008 at 12:33 PM  

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