The Hobbs Family as early settlers of California. Nancy Kelsey the First American Woman in California 1841, Sarah Jane Hobbs Lewis Stubblefield came on a 1853 Wagon train. Mahala Gann came with her parents in 1847 on the Hopper Wagon train. In 1846, John Wheeler Green, abt. four years old, the family crossed the plains as members of the ill-fated Donner Party, but left that group in, joining the Wheeler/Harlan Wagon train, thus escaping the fate which befell the Donner’s. From Olive C. Hobbs

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Vincent Hobbs (1) First Generation

Apparently, the Vincent Hobbs family originally lived on the southern bank of the Potomac River just south of Hagerstown, Maryland. This area is now in West Virginia (about 60 miles northwest of Washington D.C.), but was part of Virginia until 1863 when West Virginia split from Virginia during the Civil War. Hagerstown is in present Washington County, Maryland. The area just south of Hagerstown and on the south bank of the Potomac River is in present Berkeley County, West Virginia. Hobbs and his family eventually sought land with enough area to raise their large number of children and grandchildren in the southwestern Virginia area. They formed their own communities in the valley of the Powell River near Cumberland Gap in southwest Virginia. According to the article in the Big Stone Gap Post, dated March 31, 1926, Vincent and Mary Hobbs settled on the bank of the Powell River about two miles below Debusk Mill, near Dryden, Virginia (where they are buried).

The book, Early Settlers of Lee County, Virginia, by Bales repeated the theory that Vincent Hobbs emigrated through the Port of Dover, Delaware in 1735 and implied he migrated with Evan Shelby into Hagerstown, Maryland. The sketchy history of Vincent Hobbs has led this author to believe one or more of Vincent's sons began explorations into the mountains east of Cumberland Gap about 1773 with the idea of settling in Kentucky. The hostile Indians in that area prohibited continuing with the family past the Gap. The entire family must have arrived in southwestern Virginia by 1780, when Vincent Sr. was about age 60. The 1787 tax records indicate part of the family settled in what is now Lee County, Virginia and the other part in present Washington County, Virginia – just west of Lee County. Vincent's son Job Hobbs, in his pension papers, said his mother's name-was Ruth Thomas.

Vincent Hobbs' Unproven Wives

From somewhere in the past, someone stated Vincent's first wife was Mary Hannah Shelby, daughter of Evan Shelby who immigrated with Vincent Hobbs. There has never been any proof presented for this marriage. From the Shelby family histories I have seen, Evan Shelby was born in Wales in 1690. He married Catherine Morgan. They were first documented on a deed July 1735 in Lancaster Co. PA. Then they were listed July, 1739 in Prince George Co., MD. There was a baptism listed for Mary Shelby in Christ Church in Philadelphia, age 3 weeks, on 6 Sept 1735 -daughter of Evan and Catherine Shelby. Her tombstone listed her born 28 Aug 1735 and died Nov. 1813. There is a record for Mary Shelby's marriage to Col. Adam Alexander in 1750 in her brother General Evan Shelby's home. There were six children born to this marriage. The main evidence for Ruth Thomas comes from a pension paper for Job Hobbs, who stated his mother was Ruth Thomas. No other evidence provided. Job Hobbs was born about 1759 in MD. Then, there is another theory concerning how the Mary Hannah Shelby marriage rumor started. Vincent Hobbs Jr. married a Hannah, proven by court and deed records. One deed stated her name as Hannah in the body of a deed, then the signature was written as Mary. There is no record of Hannah’s maiden name.

Below is what records have been gathered concerning this Hobbs’ family. A system of tracking each family member is used where each person has their own number. Vincent Hobbs Sr. is labeled (1). His children are labeled as 11, 12, 13, etc. Grandchildren produced by the second child would are labeled 121, 122, 123, etc.

1. Vincent Hobbs - estimated 1746(?) - Ruth Thomas (??) B. c. 1720 England? D. c. 1808 VA

Records – Washington Co. VA:

John Kindrick, 600 acres, Commissioners Certificate, on both sides of north fork of Holstein River, beginning on a spur of Clinch Mountain, corner to Peter Livingston, joining his preemption, crossing the Poor Valley Knobs, Jan. 12, 1783. John Kindrick, assignee of William Williams, assignee of Vincent Hobbs, 400 acres by settlement made 1772, 280 acres surveyed on Dec. 21, 1774, on north fork of Holstein River - Aug. 13, 1781.

Washington Co. Survey Records: Vincent Hobbs, 300 acres on north fork of Holstein on both sides of John Benham above and John Kindrick below - actual settlement in 1776 - Aug. 16. 1781. John Kindrick, 600 acres Preemption Warrant, on both sides of north fork of Holston, beginning corner to Vincent Hobbs’ land -corner to his settlement right, Jan. 12, 1783.

Washington Co. Survey Records: Vincent Hobbs, 272 acres, Commissioner's Certificate, on both sides of the north fork of Holstein, beginning on the north bank of the river, by a spring, on the south side of Poor Valley Knobs - April 15, 1782.

Washington Co. Survey Records: April 17, 1782 - James Philips, assignee of Jesse Robinson, assignee of Vincent Hobbs, Treasury Warrant, 94 acres on both sides of Wolf s Run, branch of the north fork of Holston, beginning on the north side of the run, by the bank of the above run - Warrant #10094.

Washington Co. Survey Records: William Smith, 140 acres, Preemption Warrant, assigned to him by Vincent Hobbs, assignee of Peter Livingston, on waters of Livingston's Creek, south branch of the north fork of the Holston River - July 7, 1783.

Washington Co. Survey Records:

Jan. 10, 1783 - Page Portwood assignee of William Cocke, who was assignee of Vincent Hobbs 200 acres on north fork of Holstein River - actual settlement in 1773.

Page Portwood to Joseph Frost Aug. 25, 1781. Joseph Frost 200 acres, Commissioner's Certificate, on both sides of north fork of Holston River being the place where he lives, beginning on a spur of the Poor Valley Knobs.

Augusta County, Virginia court record, October 27, 1800: Simon Ely vs. Robert Davis, William Davis, and Alexander Wiley. Vincent Hobbs deposes he first became acquainted with the lands in 1773. He had moved his family into Turkey Cove in 1780 and found Rachel Arbuckle and her family there on a tract she claimed by Jethro Massay's improvements. In the spring following, all the families moved away because of the Indians being troublesome.

Augusta County, Virginia court record, 1803: Simon Ely vs. James Thomas - Vincent Hobbs deposes he first became acquainted with the land (Powell Valley) in 1773 and settled there in 1780.

Virginia Genealogist (July 1966): Botetourt County, Virginia - Robert Doaks list of tithables (tax polls) not returned to court August, 1771, included Vincent Hobbs, James Young, and John Brennarn (Benham?).

1782 Washington County, Virginia tax list Capt. Fulkison's Precinct: Vincent Hobbs Sr. = 1 poll tax, 2 horses 13 cattle no- slaves.

Russell Co. VA, formed 1786 from Washington Co. VA – tax records for Vincent Hobbs:

1790 Russell Co. VA tax = 1 poll

1787 Russell Co. VA tax = 1 poll, 4 horses, 8 cattle

1789 Russell Co. VA tax = 1 poll

1792 Russell Co. VA tax = 1 poll

1793 Russell Co. VA tax = 1 poll

The British burned the 1790 census for Virginia in Washington during the War of 1812. A statewide tax list for 1787 was substituted for this missing census for record keeping purposes. This list recorded the name of the head of household age 21 or older/ the number of white males age 16 to 21/ number of black males over age 16/ number of black males 16 and younger/ number of horses, mares, colts and mules/ number of cattle.

This 1787 list showed the Hobbs family owned no slaves and was split into two different counties - Washington and Russell. Russell County in 1787 covered the present counties of Lee, Wise, Scott, Russell, Dickinson, Buchanan, and part of Tazewell. Washington County was established as today. Those listed are age 21 and up (born 1767 or before), except for the Russell sons.

Washington County Russell County

Joel Hobbs 0005-10 Vincent Hobbs 00048

Thomas Hobbs 0004-20 Ezekiel Hobbs 00044

Job Hobbs 00019 John Benham 0306-30

William Blanton 00088 Wm. Russell 1004-10

William Russell's sons Jno., Sam., Wm.(16-21).

General William Russell 0619-21

Washington County, Virginia, Feb. 16, 1795: Roland Chiles sold 182 acres on the south side of the north fork of the Holston River.

1810 Washington County Census:

Mathew Hobbs (p.215) -males 26-45=1; females under 10=1, 16-26=1, 26-45-1.

Ezekiel Hobbs (p.233) - males under 10=2, 10-16=2, 16-26=3, 26-45=2, over 45= 1; females 10- 16=3, 16-26=2, 26-45= 1.

Descent of southwestern Virginia counties (where the records are found):

1. Augusta County formed 1745.

2. Boutetourt County split off of Augusta County 1769.

3. Fincastle County formed from part of Boutetourt County in 1772.

4. Fincastle County was abolished in 1776-77 with the western portion becoming the state of Kentucky, the central part becoming Washington County, and the eastern portion Montgomery County.

5. Russell County (1786) split off of Washington County. This area was described as 3000 square miles with boundaries extending north from Clinch Mountain to the Cumberland Gap, then east to a point near present Bluefield, VA

6. Lee County (1793) split off of Russell County.

7. Tazewell County (1799) split off of Russell Co.

8. Scott County (1814) and Wise County (1856) split off of Lee County.

The last known record for Vincent and wife appeared in a Court of Quarters Sessions hearing for Lee County on the 26 day of May 1808. It ordered that the overseers of the poor receive Vincent HOBBS and his wife on their list and provide for them according to the law. It is not known exactly when or where they died. They are believed to have been buried along the Powell River, two miles below DeBusk Mill near Dryden, Virginia.

Children of Vincent Hobbs

Most of the birth dates for the children below are estimates based on birth dates of children, tax records, etc. Vincent Hobbs was in Maryland up to about 1769-70, so most children were born there.

11. Vincent Hobbs Jr. B. 1750-55 MD D. About 1820 (probable Lincoln Co. TN - other sources say Turkey Creek)

12. William Hobbs B. c. 1760 MD D. Oct. 22, 1793 (killed by Indians)

1788 Russell Co. VA tax = 1 poll

Russell Co. VA D.B. 1: May 22, 1792 - William Hobbs witnessed the deed between James Parberry and John Henderson, which had been a 1000 acre patent dated Nov. 30, 1784, on both sides of north fork of Clinch River, by the KY Road, near the Flat Lick, crossing the north fork near the foot of Powell Mountain, on Poor Valley Knobs.

Was enlisted by Col. Arthur Campbell for two months for relief against the Indians in Powell's Valley.

Dec. 19, 1793 in a letter from Cap. Andrew Lewis Jr. to the Governor of Virginia - described a party of 20 men were formed in October to go after several Indians, whose signs had been found near the settlements. The company was formed under Capt. James Hawkins. When they found signs of several Indians, Hawkins ordered several of his men to return to the settlement and warn the inhabitants. These men refused. Then Hawkins decided he would return with several men and leave the rest of the company with a scout Samuel Oxer (Auxier). These men proceed up the trail in an unorganized manner, shooting game, although they had found evidence of at least ten Indians in the area. Apparently the Indians heard the noise and ambushed these men, killing four - by the names of Hobbs (William), Stennett, Fowler, and Knowles.

Dec. 24, 1793 in a letter from Cap. Lewis to James Wood, Lt. Governor of Virginia - information collected respecting the loss of his troops on the 22nd of October last - Horses had been stolen by Indians camped over Cumberland Mountain and Capt. Hawkins had taken a party of 19 men out in order to find these Indians. After going 40 miles, he found signs of several Indians making toward the settlements. He proposed 4 men return and report these signs and give warning. The men refused, but a non-commissioned officer said he would return if Hawkins went with him. He did so after directing the remaining 15 men to follow the trail and then go north back to the settlements. After another 35 miles, they spotted signs of up to ten Indians and followed these for another day and a half. They did not respect the signs and did not follow orders, firing at everything they met until discovered by the enemy who had superior numbers. Four soldiers were killed. This area is somewhere in KY - across Cumberland Mountain, but in area unknown.

13. Joel Hobbs – by 1782 – Margaret (Unknown -may have been daughter of Richard Price)

B. Before 1759 MD? D.1820-30 TN

According to notes from Miriam Hobbs, Joel moved later to Williamson Co. TN, then went into Hickman Co. TN. He had son John Hobbs who named sons Joel C. Hobbs and Richard. Miriam believes it was Joel who died on the Big Piney Creek, branch of the Duck River.

Washington Co. Survey Records: Thomas Hobbs, assignee of Joel and Johab Hobbs and company, 150 acres, Treasury Warrant #13221 dated Aug. 3, 1782, and 100 acres by warrant #1247, dated Dec. 29, 1780, on both sides of Moccasin Creek and joining lines of the place he now lives - corner to Christopher Huston - March 9, 1786.

Washington County, Virginia, Aug. 14, 1786: Joel Hobbs sold 250 acres to Drury Fletcher on both sides of the north fork of the Holston River. On Aug. 23, 1788, Drury Fletcher sold Roland Chiles 272 acres on a branch of the middle fork of the Holston River, originally patented to Joel Hobbs.

Washington Co. Survey Records: Commissioner's Certificate - Joel Hobbs, assignee of William Gill, 180 acres, on both sides of Moccasin Creek, waters of the North Fork of Holstein, May 21, 1782.

Washington Co. Survey Records: William Gill, assignee of William Tate, 200 acres on Moccasin Creek joining William Tate above (north side) and Alexander Montgomery below (south side) – actual settlement made 1775 – assigned to Joel Hobbs by purchase May 21, 1782. Signed William Gill. Witness was John Tate.

Russell Co. D. B. 1: Oct. 23, 1792, William Blanton to Joel Hobbs, on both sides of Moccasin Creek, a branch of the north fork of Holston River, 185 acres conveyed to William Blanton from James King Carr Sep. 17, 1785, granted to Carr by patent dated June 26, 1786, beginning on the bank of the creek on Alexander Barnet's lower line - signed William Blanton and Hannah, his wife. Witnesses were Nathan Ellington, Richard Price, and Charles Carter.

Russell Co. D. B. 1: Dec. 25, 1792, Joel Hobbs, along with Richard Price and Charles Carter, witnessed the deed from William and Hannah Blanton to Robert Kilgore, on Copper's Creek, a south branch of Clinch River containing 226 acres, beginning above Amo's Branch.

Russell Co. D. B. 1: Feb. 25, 1793, Joel Hobbs and his wife Margaret to William Tate, on both sides of Moccasin Creek, beginning on a spur of Clinch Mountain, corner to Robert Tate, at the foot of Clinch Mountain - signed Joel and Margaret Hobbs.

Russell Co. Survey Records: May 4, 1795 - Hugh McClung 400a to Joel Hobbs near Poor Valley Rd. - see Thomas Hobbs.

Russell Co. Survey Records: Aug. 8, 1798, Thomas Frost, assignee of Joel Hobbs, 300a, part of Treasury Warrant #8193, dated Feb. 2, 1782, on south side of Moccasin Ridge, on waters of Big Moccasin Creek, branch of Holston, corner to James Taylor and Richard Price, near sugar tree camp.

Russell Co. Survey Records: Sep. 6, 1798, Joel Hobbs and Richard Price, 78 acres, part of two Treasury Warrants, 27 acres by part of warrant #9041, and 51 acres by part of #14292, dated Dec. 16, 1782, on south side of Big Moccasin Creek, joining land on which Price now lives, corner to James Dickenson. This record is the source of speculation that Joel married a daughter of Richard Price.

1782 Washington Co. VA tax, Capt. Fulkison's Precinct: 1 poll tax, 6 horses, 6 cattle. Indicates Joel was married with children.

1787 Washington Co. VA tax = 5 horses, 10 cattle

1788 Russell Co. VA tax = 1 poll

1790 Russell Co. VA tax = 1 poll

1792 Russell Co. VA tax = 180 acres

1792 Russell Co. VA tax = 1 poll, 0 age 16-21

1793 Russell Co. VA tax = 1 poll

1794 Russell Co. VA tax 150 acres

1795 Russell Co. VA tax 1 poll

1795 Russell Co. VA tax 180a assignee of Blanton

1796 Russell Co. VA tax 2 polls (may indicate one son age 16)

1820 Hickman Co. TN, page 3: Joel Hobbs 11101-01101 – males under 10=1, 10-15=1, 16-25=1, over 45=1; females 10-15=1, 16-25=1, over 45=1. Indicates Joel was born before 1775, 2 children born 1795-1804.

14. James Hobbs - 1780 - Rachel Reynolds B. 5-14-1759 VA D. After 1805 (may have moved to Missouri)

Augusta County, Virginia Records, Hobbs vs. Hobbs: August 2, 1805 - Orator James Hobbs. In 1773, orator made a settlement in Washington County on the north fork of the Holston River, but left it for some time during which he was considered dead. When he returned, he found his father Vincent Hobbs had sold (James' property) to William Williams. Orator had enlisted in a company to go against the Indians and was on the frontier 21 years, during which William Williams had sold to John Kindrick.

Washington Co. VA Survey Records: James Sprowl, 220 acres, Commissioners, on both sides of Abraham's Creek, south branch of the north fork of the Holston River, beginning corner to John Robinson. Dec. 16, 1782, James Sprowl, assignee of James Hobbs, 220 acres in the Rich Valley, on the north fork of Holston River surveyed for Sprowl on Feb. 16, 1774 - actual settlement made 1770 -Aug. 16, 1781.

Washington Co. VA Survey Records: James Sprowl, 220 acres, Commissioners Certificate, on both sides of John Robinson - Dec. 16, 1782 - James Sprowl assignee of James Hobbs, 220 acres in the Rich Valley on the north fork of Holston River, surveyed for Sprowl Feb. 16, 1774, actual settlement made 1770 -Aug. 16, 1781.

Russell Co. VA Survey Records: Feb. 29, 1792, James Hobbs, 73 acres, part two Treasury Warrants, 50 acres by #11344, dated Mar. 11, 1782, and 23 acres by #14585, dated Sep. 1, 1782, on waters of Moccasin Creek, corner to Rachel Taylor and corner to David Caen.

Russell Co. VA Surveyor's Book 2: June 27, 1800, Richard Price Jr. 44 acres, part of Treasury Warrant 6092, dated Aug. 30, 1780, on waters of Carr's Creek, part of waters of Big Moccasin Creek, corner to James Hobbs.

1789 Russell Co. VA tax = 1 poll

1793 Russell Co. VA tax = I poll

1796 Russell Co. VA tax = 1 poll - James Sr., James Jr. listed separately = 1

1798 Russell Co. VA tax = 1 poll

1799 Russell Co. VA tax = 1 poll

1802 Russell Co. VA tax = 1 poll - James Jr. listed separately = 1

1802 Washington County, Virginia. James Hobbs was listed as a minister.

Russell Co. VA, September 19, 1817: James Hobbs Sr. and his wife Rachel and Jacob Olinger and Hannah his wife made a conveyance of land to Jeremiah Muncey... (DBK 6:242).

He died in March of 1847 and she died September 1841. They are buried in Decatur County, Indiana.

15. Job (Johab) Hobbs B. June 21, 1759 MD D. 1862 AR (unconfirmed)

Washington Co. VA Survey Records: Thomas Hobbs, assignee of Joel and Johab Hobbs and company, 150 acres, Treasury Warrant #13221 dated Aug. 3, 1782, and 100 acres by warrant #1247, dated Dec. 29, 1780, on both sides of Moccasin Creek and joining lines of the place he now lives - corner to Christopher Huston - March 9, 1786.

Russell Co. VA Survey Records: Dec. 2, 1791, Job Hobbs, assignee of said Chrisman, 50 acres, part Preemption Treasury Warrant #1926, dated Dec. 12, 1781 in Powell's Valley, corner of John Benham,

1787 Washington Co. tax I poll, 1 horse, 9 cattle.

1789 Russell Co. VA tax 1 poll

1790 Russell Co. VA tax 1 poll

Job Hobbs has never been found in any census index 1790-1850.

1860 Madison Co. AR, Bowen Twp., p.450: Job Hobbs, age 102, born VA, August, O.S.B. Preacher, in household of Nathan Davis 54 TN, Isabel 46 TN, and family. “O.S.B.” probably stands for Old School Baptist. In the 1850 AR census, Nathan Davis was age 34, with wife Rachel 22 and family. A Mary A. Hobbs, age 14 was also in the household.

Much of the proof of this family derives from the Revolutionary pension papers of Job Hobbs, which are important. This does not prove everything concerning the family though. The papers do mention his brothers, and what Job thought happened to them.

Job Hobbs Pension Application:

Questions for Mr. Hobbs

Q. Where were you born?
A. Fredrick County, Virginia.
Q. What were the names of your father and mother and mother’s Maiden name?
A. My father’s name was Vinson, my mother’s name was Ruth and her maiden name was Thomas.
Q. Give names of all of your brothers and sisters?
A. My oldest Brother was James, Merry, Hannah, Vinson, Joel, Ezekeal, Ruth, Racheal, William, Absolem, Abner and myself, Job.
Q. In what town did you live when you entered Service?
A. In Washington County, Virginia.
Q. Did you have a brother or relative in the Service and if so which tour?
A. I had a Brother in the Service but not at the same time with me.
Q. Had you a brother or relative by name of Ezekiel Hobbs?
A. I have a Brother of that Name and he is the one Refured to above.
Q. Can you State what year it was in that you left Botetonet or Washington County, Virginia--and if so please do so.
A. As near as I can Recollect it was in 1789 that I left Washington County, Virginia.
Q. What county did you first move to and when did you finally leave Virginia?
A. I moved to Powels Valley, Vir. and my family left Washington County Vir when I did.
Q. When and where did you father die?
A. He died in Washington Co., Vir. I do not Recollect when he did die.
Q. When and where did your mother die?
A. She died in the Same County my father died. Some time after my father’s death . As I have learned.
Q. In care of each brother and each Sister, State when and where he or she died? and when and where you last saw him or her? and if you can remember when you had a letter from him or her?

A. My oldest Brother died Some where in KY. My oldest Sister died in Washington County, Vir. My next oldest sister I don’t no where She died. My next oldest Brother Died on Hickry Creek, Tenn. My next oldest Brother Die on a creek called Big Piney, not far from Duck River, Tenn. I have one Brother killed by the Cherokees Indians in Tennesee or Kentucky and I do not no which. I have not seen any of my Brother or Sisters for 40 years. The last time I saw any of my Brothers they lived in Virginia. Brother Ezekeal Hobbs, lived in Washington County, Vir. and Brother Absolem Hobbs lived in Lee County, Vir. I had a letter from Brother Absolem Hobbs about twenty five years ago, and he still lived in Vir. the last account.

Q. Did you Know Ezekiel Hobbs? or did you ever hear of him when you lived in Virginia?
A. Ezekiel Hobbs is my Brother and we was Boath Raised Children together in Washington County, Virginia.
Q. When and where did you last see Ezekiel Hobbs?
A. He came to see me when I lived in Knox County, Tennessee about forty years ago.
Q. Where was he when you last heard form Him ? and where were you then living? And how many years ago has it been?
A. When my Brother Aboslem Rote to me he Rote that Ezekiel Hobbs was engaged in trading and did not State where he was at that time. I lived at that time in the State of Ilanois it has bin some twenty five or six years ago.
Q. Why did you leave Virginia?
A. Because I wanted to emigrate to a new Country.
Q. In your application you name the following named persons as having been in Service with you Viz: Peter Fulkerson, Timothy Lax, John Eilerison?, James Frazer, Wm. Williams, John Lamar---Please name others, and if you can, State which tours each one was in with you--Calling your tours as heretofore given by you, Your 1st tour, 2nd tour, 3rd tour.

A. In the 3rd tour Henry Mahon , Page Partiel?, Alexander Crockett, Jacob Goodman.
Q. Report from the Reunion Office admits that your Statements of Service, seem to be both historically and geographically correct and that some person have been previous for Service under same officers, for same period, and who were at Same places named by you - Persons sending in Washington County, Virginia---and in one case to a man by name of Ezekiel Hobbs, who they suppose very reasonably must have been your brother or near relative, or at least that you probably knew him, and as I have heretofore informed you that the vols. of evidence of this claim of Service were destroyed. You will therefore see the Propriety of there questions, in order to see if you can name some who have been allowed pensions --- Please answer fully as you can And state whether you ever hear of any of these fellow Soldiers getting their pensions, which one and where he lived at time?

A. I never knew of any of my fellow Soldiers applying for a pension and therefore, I don’t no of any of them geting a pention for I left that country a long time ago and moved to the Western Countrys and I could no Everything what tho done Back in that cuntry. Claiming due allowance for lap of memory on account of my old age, and the long lapse of time since. I was among my old friends and among the Scenes of my youth and vigorous manhood. I Jobb Hobbs of the county of Madison, State of Arkansas, the applicant above named do State that the foregoing answers are true to the best of my knowledge belief and memory.

This 8th day of July 1859 his Job X Hobbs mark

16. Abner (Abraham) Hobbs - 1804 - Peggy Rignor (may have moved to Tennessee with brother Vincent)

1796 Russell Co. VA tax = 1 poll (Abraham)

1801 Russell Co. VA tax = 1 poll (Abraham)

17. Mary (Polly) Hobbs - before 1769 - John Benham B. Estimate 1849 B. ? D. April 1823 D. 1800

Family settled in Dryden on what has recently been known as the Elkanah Pennington farm. They introduced the Benham apple there. Land was next to that of Vincent Hobbs Sr. Benham supposedly settled on the North Fork of the Holston River, about 4 miles or less the village of Holston and owned about 1000 acres. He had built a fort before the Revolutionary War between Saltville and the Anderson Blockhouse near Big Moccasin Gap. Benham was a hunter who kept a camp on the spur of Black Mountain in present Harlan County, Kentucky, which carries the name Benham Spur. 1787 Washington County, Virginia tax list = I poll, 3 age 16-21, no slaves, 6 horses, 30 cattle. John Benham's will was dated 12 March 1796.

171. Sarah Benham - 7-6-1786 Wash. Co. VA – Drury Fletcher

172. Vincent Benham

173. William Benham – Mary Kendrick B. c.1771 D. 11-28-1814 Canada (War of 1812)

174. John Benham - Elizabeth Grimes B. c.1772 D. 1835 Wayne Co. TN

175. Joel Benham - Rebecca Hix (Hicks)

176. Ruth Benham - James Fugate B. c.1774 D. after 1850 KY

177. Ann Benham - Elijah Flanary

178. James Benham

179. Rachel Benham

17A. Mary Benham - 5-18-1791 Wash. Co. VA - Samuel Cornett

17B. Rebecca Benham

18. Rebecca Hobbs - 1770 - William Blanton B. 1751 (unconfirmed) D. 1833 (unconfirmed) Lee Co. VA

He was son of William Blanton and Margaret Moss.

1787 Russell County tax list - William Blanton. Another report has Rebecca born 1769 MD, died 1804. Married in 1804 Knox Co. KY to William Blanton (1762 Caroline Co. VA-1856 Harlan Co. KY). This version has 4 children: Ezekiel, Vincent, Abner, and Absolom in Knox Co. KY. Tax records of Knox Co. KY show John and William Blanton there from 1800 to at least 1806, living near the Vincent Hobbs family. In 1803, Knox Co. listed a Vincent, William, and John Blanton.

19. Ezekiel Hobbs - (1) c. 1776 Hannah Hardy- (2) July 27, 1803* - Elizabeth Lilly (da. of Hardy Lilly) B. 1762 D. June 13,1835 Wash. Co. VA

1787 Russell County VA tax list = I poll, 4 horses, 4 cattle.

Washington County Cemetery Records: Hobbs' Cemetery, McFadden's Ford, northwestern section of Washington County, near Little Mountain River and southwest of Pine Grove - Ezekiel Hobbs buried, Revolutionary soldier. Another report has him married to Hannah Hardy before 1777

Washington Co. Survey Records: Ezekiel Hobbs, 29 acres, Treasury Warrant #10179, dated Dec. 22, 1791, on the south side of the land he now lives, corner to Chiles - April 26, 1795.

Washington Co. Survey Records: Ezekiel Hobbs, 71 acres, part of two preemption warrants, 41 acres by warrant #2534 dated 8-15-1783, and 30 acres by warrant #1924 dated 12-12-1781, on both sides of the north fork of Holstein River, corner to his own land that he Ives on - on south side of Poor Valley Knobs – 1-21-1797. 191. Rachel Hobbs (c. 1777)

192. Nancy Hobbs (c. 1779)

193. Betsey Hobbs (c.1782) - S. Rollins

194. Rebecca Hobbs (c. 1782)

195. Ruth Hobbs (c.1783)

196. Mary Hobbs (c.1784) - Rouse

197. Vincent Hobbs (c.1785 Wash Co. VA) – Sarah (Unknown)

1971. Ezekiel Hobbs (1820)

1972. Mary A. Hobbs (1826)

1973. Eveline Hobbs (1833)

198. John-Hobbs (c. 1786 Wash. Co. d.-3-1865 Pike Co. IL – Elizabeth McGuire

1981. John Hobbs (1819)

1982. Francis M. Hobbs (1820)

1983. Ezekiel P. Hobbs (1821)

1984. William S. Hobbs (1822 IN-1858 Scott Co. IN) – 1858 IN - Eliz. Hogg

1985. Isaac Hobbs (1824 IN)

1986. James Hector Hobbs (1837 Scott Co. IN).

199. Joel Hobbs (c.1788 Wash. Co. VA - d. 1850-60 Scott Co. VA) - Hannah

1991. John Hobbs (1822 Scott Co. VA)

1992. Elizabeth Hobbs (1825 Scott Co.)

1993. Isaac Hobbs (1826 Scott Co.)

1994. Sarah Hobbs (1828 Scott Co.)

1995. William Hobbs (1829 Scott Co.)

1996. Sophia Hobbs (1830 Scott Co.)

19A. Nathaniel Hobbs (1790 Wash. Co. VA - 1863 Morristown TN) Marriages: (1) Rosa Ozina King (2) Mary Mildred Hargis 1815 KY, (3) Mary Smith before 1817,

(4) Cynthia (?) 1850. Apparently he was married to two or more women at the same time.

19A1. Rachel Hobbs (1816) - Samuel Moore

19A2. Martha Jane Hobbs (1817) - Abbot Cole

19A3. Ruth M. Hobbs (1818)

19A4. Winfred B. Hobbs (1819)

19A5. Harriett N. Hobbs (1820) -Willis Woodcock

19A6. Eliza P. Hobbs (1821) - W. Chance

19A7. Sarandoty Hobbs (1822) -William Bowens

19A8. Samuel Hobbs (1823) - Louisa C. Brent

19A9. Alan Wiley Hobbs (1824)

19AA. Mary C. Hobbs (1826)

19AB. Catherine D. Hobbs (1827) - John H. Thompson

19AC. Sarah A. Hobbs (1828) - John H. Stubblefield

19AD. Nathan Hobbs (1829)

19AE. Reed Fulton Hobbs (1834 Hawkins Co. TN - 1876 Lee Co. VA)

Children by Mary Smith Hobbs

19AF. Henry Hobbs (1817 VA- 1880)

19AG. Abraham Hobbs (1818 VA)

19AH. Aranndocty Hobbs (1823 Lee Co. VA - 1912 Pulaski Co. KY)

19AI. Agnes Hobbs (1828-1914)

19AJ. Elizabeth Hobbs (1831)

19AK. John Hobbs (1833 Russell Co. VA)

19AL. Polly Hobbs (1836)

19B. Isaac Hobbs (c.1794 VA-1869 IN) - 1809 Wash. Co. VA Sally Cook, (2) 1826 Scott Co. IN - Nancy Stark 19B1. Rebecca Ann Hobbs (1829)

19B2. Isaac G. Hobbs (1830)

19B3. Sally Hobbs (1832)

19B4. James Stark Hobbs (1834)

19B5. Eunice Hobbs (1836)

19B6. Nancy Hobbs (1839)

19B7. Martha Mahala Hobbs (1840) - 1858 Scott Co. IN - Elias Richards

19B8. Clemintine Hobbs (184 1)

19B9. John Hobbs (1847)

19C. William Zion Hobbs (c.1797 Wash. Co. VA - 1858 Lee Co. VA) - 1822 - Mary Spencer

19C1. Isaac Spencer Hobbs (1826 VA-1892 Wolfe Co. KY)

19C2. Sarah Hobbs (1831 Lee Co.) - William Chrisman

19C3. Washington Hobbs (1833 VA)

19C4. Aaron Spencer Hobbs (1834 Lee Co. VA - 1863 Douglas IL)

19C5. Nervesta Hobbs (1835 VA) - Joseph Branson

19C6. Ezekiel P. Hobbs (1836) - 1851 Lee Co. VA - Ann Eliza Olinger

19C7. Margaret E. Hobbs (1838)

19C8. Mary Ann Hobbs (1838 Lee Co. - 1920 Wolfe Co. KY)

19C9. Catherine C. Hobbs (1841 VA)

19CA. William Zion Hobbs (1844 Lee Co. - 1915)

19CB. Jemina Hobbs (1949)

19D. Benjamin Hobbs (c.1800-bef.1835) - Agnes Smith

19D1. Polly Hobbs (1834)

19D2. Ezekiel Hobbs (1834)

Children of Elizabeth Lilly Hobbs:

19E. Wayne Hobbs (c. 1804 to 1870-80) - 1828 Wash. Co. VA - Catherine Cossett

19E1. James Madison Hobbs (1830-bef.1880)

19E2. Mary E. Hobbs

19E3. Amanda Hobbs (1837) - 1863 Wash. Co. - Gasper Fleenor

19E4. Esquire Monroe Hobbs (1838-bef. 1880)

19E5. Margaret Hobbs (1840)

19E6. Lafayette Hobbs (1843)

19E7. Rachel Hobbs (1845)

19E8. Jefferson (Japheth) Hobbs (1847)

19E9. Cynthia Hobbs (c.1849) - High Lawson

19F. Madison Hobbs (c.1807-bef.1870) - 1850 Wash. Co. VA - Nancy Hughes

19F1. Stokey Hobbs (1854)

19F2. Elizabeth Rebecca Hobbs (18 56)

19F3. John E. Hobbs (1858)

19F4. Lydia Hobbs (1860)

19F5. Jacob Hobbs (1865)

19G. Greenberry Hobbs (1807 Wash. Co. - 1897 Scott Co. IN) (1) 1832 Lee Co. VA Marg. Casebolt, (2) 1838 Scott Co. IN - Sarah Sutton

19G1. Harrison Hobbs (1833)

19G2. Susanna Eliz. Hobbs (1839)

19G3. Zacheaus Hobbs (1840)

19G4. Francis Marion Hobbs (1842)

19G5. Mary Ann Hobbs (1844)

19G6. Nancy Melissa Hobbs (1845)

19G7. Randolph Hobbs (1848)

19G8. Gabriel Hobbs (1850)

19G9. Gilbert Hobbs (1850)

19G(10). James S. Hobbs (1853)

19G)l 1). Ray Hobbs (1853)

19G(12). Rebecca Jane Hobbs (1856)

19G(13). Sarah Emeline Hobbs (1860)

19H. Polly Hobbs (c. 1808 Wash. Co.) - William M. Gobble

19I. Harriett Hobbs (c. 1808)

19J. Harrison Hobbs (c. 1809 Wash Co.-bef. 1880) - (1) bef. 1836 – Mariah (Unknown)- (2) 1874 - Sarah Fleenor.

19J 1. Elkany Hobbs (1836)

19J2. Jacob Hobbs (1840)

19J3. James K. Hobbs (1845-1856)

19J4. Elizabeth Hobbs (1848) - John Shaffer

19J5. Hugh Lawson Hobbs (1851) - 1876 Wash. Co. VA Cynthia Hobbs

19J6. Floyd Hobbs (1862)

19K. Rebecca Hobbs (c. 1810)

19L. Matilda Hobbs (c.1810-1891 Wash. Co. VA)

19M. Ruth Hobbs (c. 1811)

19N. George Washington Hobbs (c. 1811 to 1870-80)

19O. Shelby Hobbs (1812 Wash Co. VA-1897 Lee Co. VA)

19P. Andrew Jackson Hobbs (c.1813 to 1870-80 Russell Co. VA)

19Q. Preston Hobbs (c.1816)

1A. Absalom Hobbs - (1) estimated 1797 – Susan Helvy - (2) 1825 Lee Co. - Mary Ann Olinger B. 1764 MD D. c.1741 Lee Co. VA

1796 Russell Co. VA tax = 1 poll

1820 Lee Co. VA Census, page 130A: Absalom Hobbs, males under 10=1, 10-16=2, 16-26=1, over 45=1; females 16-26=1, over 45=1, no slaves. Same page as Joel Hobbs.

Lee County Death Records: Vincent Hobbs (died December 8, 1861 - 30 years, 1 month, 10 days), informant, friend Caff Bailey, parents Absolom and Mary Hobbs; Job Hobbs (died Oct. 13, 1880 - 79 years, 8 months, 16 days), Yokum Station - parents Absalom and Susan Hobbs. There is a report Absalom's will was dated 13 Oct 1840.

1A1. Henry Helvy Hobbs (1798-1852 Tipton Co. IN).

1A2. Rebecca Hobbs (c.1799)

1A3. Job Hobbs (1800 Lee Co. VA - 1880 Lee Co.)

1A4. Emory Hobbs (1802 Lee Co.) - 1825 Lee Co. - Lavina Curry

1A5. Mary Hobbs (1804 Lee Co. - 1832 Lee Co.) - 1832 James Pearl Abbey

1A6. William Hobbs (1804 - died Fayette Co. KY)

1A7. Levi T. Hobbs (1807-1863)

1A8. Absolom Hobbs (1808-1880 Tipton Co. IN)

1A9. John Hobbs

1AA. Margaret Ann Hobbs (1826) - (Wise Co. VA) - Eli Buckles

1AB. Vincent Hobbs (1827 Lee Co.-1861 Lee Co. VA)

1AC. Jacob Hobbs (c.1829)

1AD. Dewitt Clinton Hobbs (1831)

1AE. Caleb Hobbs (1834)

1AF. Joshua Hobbs (1835-1926). Same Joshua mentioned in the first part of this paper who gave history of the family.

1AG. David Creed Hobbs (1837-1926).

1AH. David Crokett Hobbs (1837)

1B. Rachel Hobbs - Sept. 13, 1783 – John Russell B. November 24, 1767 B. 1758 Hereford, Eng. D. 2-23-1830 Lee Co. VA D. 8-3-1838 Lee Co. VA

John Russell was son of William Russell, born 1732 England, and died c.1794 Guilford Co. NC. William married Eleanor Cross. According to the Russell family members, below are the descendants of Rachel Hobbs Russell:

1B1. William Russell - Mary R. Ely B. 1785 D. 1831-39 Bartholomew. Co. IN

1B2. James Russell (1786)

1B3. John Russell (1788)

1B4. Robert Russell (1789)

l B5. Vincent Russell (1790)

1B6. Margaret Russell (1793)

1B7. Ruth Russell (1796)

1B8. Alexander Russell (1800)

1B9. Faith Russell (1802)

1BA. Isaac Russell (1805)

1BB. Ransom Russell (1801)

1BB. Alfred King Russell (1805)

Rachel had 12 children - first five born Guilford Co. NC - apparently moved back to Lee Co. VA between 1793-95.

1C. Thomas Hobbs (probable son) B. Before 1746 MD D.??

Unproven connection to the Vincent Hobbs family, but lived in the same area as Vincent and was wounded at the battle of King's Mountain in 1780. This may be the son of Vincent who explored the western Virginia area before the rest of the family arrived.

Augusta County, VA Will Book #4-71 (1767): Contract by Thomas Hobbs, John Drake, Thomas Jones, Charles Druerson, James Adams, William Dean, James Nelly, and James Waddy.

1774 - on a list of men to be paid under Capt. William Russell's Militia.

Washington Co. Survey Records: Thomas Hobbs, 200 acres, Commissioner Certificate, on both sides of Moccasin Creek, north branch of the north fork of Holstein River - April 30, 1782. Thomas Hobbs, assignee of John Lemar, assignee of Jessie Cain - actual settlement made 1773 -Aug. 23, 1781.

Washington Co. Survey Records: Thomas Hobbs, assignee of Joel and Johab Hobbs and company, 150 acres, Treasury Warrant #13221 dated Aug. 3, 1782, and 100 acres by warrant #1247, dated Dec. 29, 1780, on both sides of Moccasin Creek and joining lines of the place he now lives - corner to Christopher Huston - March 9, 1786.

Dec. 1785 - Thomas Hobbs was on the petitioner's list to form Russell Co., which included the head of the Clinch River and Powell Valley settlements.

Russell Co. Survey Records: May 4, 1795 - Hugh McClung received two Treasury Warrants -7000 acres on #1159, and 50,000 acres on #1160, both dated Feb. 7, 1795 - both in Russell and Washington Cos. - greater part in Washington Co., beginning near the head of Bushes Mill Creek, north side of Poor Valley Road, included within the boundary - sold 300a to Zacharah Fugate, 400a to John Tate, 300a to Charles Dever, 200a to widow Taylor, 400a to Joel Hobbs, 500a to James Dickenson, 1400a to Benjamin Astll, 666a to Timothy Burgess and Henry Dickenson, 300a t John Anderson, 200a to Richard Price, 234a to Robert Preston, 3000a to Thomas Stepleton.

1782 Washington County, Virginia tax list = 1 poll. 1787 Russell County VA tax list = 1 poll, 4 horses, 20 cattle.

1(13). Ruth Hobbs (speculative daughter) - James Fugate

1(14). Nathaniel Hobbs (possible son) B. before 1767 D. after 1802

Russell Co. Deed Book 1: October 17, 1788 - Christopher Houston of NC to Nathan Hobbs, on both sides of Moccasin Creek, beginning on a rocky spur, corner to the land where John Walker formerly lived, by a path ... 100 acres, signed John Tate.

Russell Co. D. B. 1: Sep. 1, 1793, Nathan Hobbs of Birch (???) Co. NC 100 acres to David Cane, on both sides of Moccasin Creek, beginning corner to land where John Walker formerly lived, along a rocky brake of land. Signed Nathan Hobbs. Witnesses were John Lemar, Betty Lemar, Richard Barns.

Moccasin Valley is in present Russell Co. VA about 15 miles SW of present Lebanon, VA.

1788 Russell Co. VA tax = I poll

1790 Russell Co. VA tax = I poll

1792 Russell Co. VA tax = 100 acres

1794 Russell Co. VA tax = 400 acres

1796 Russell Co. VA tax = 1 poll

1798 Russell Co. VA tax = 2 polls

1799 Russell Co. VA tax = 1 poll

1801 Russell Co. VA tax = 1 poll

1802 Russell Co. VA tax = I poll

1810 Russell Co. VA tax = I poll

1818 Scott Co. VA = 1 poll, 2 horses (not sure this is correct Nathan).

Some marriages records from the Washington County, Virginia marriage bonds. Other information from the Hobbs Family Newsletter, M.J. Keppeberger, Killeen Texas, and from Sue Morrow on Washington and Lee Co. Hobbs families.


Blogger Charlene said...

Very well done! My grandmother was a Hobbs, her father Jobe Hobbs, his parents Isaac & Emily Sophia Berry Hobbs of VA.

March 28, 2011 at 6:57 PM  
Blogger MLH said...

I too am a Hobbs from Lee County, Thomas was my great grandfather. Interestingly, Thank you for this. I still own a home in Dryden and reside in Hagerstown MD.

October 24, 2013 at 7:29 PM  
Blogger stacee said...

Thanks to all who have taken the time to research the Hobbs' family genealogy. I'm also a Hobbs from Lee County and moved near the DC area.

August 25, 2014 at 11:30 PM  
Blogger Jean Hobbs said...

Pati. Great job searching the line. I am a G-G-G Grandson of "Vinson" (aka Vincent Hobbs Sr). I have a few differences in my data but overall we have much the same info. Keep the good work going. I have pretty much retired from the hunt. Jean in CA.

May 19, 2015 at 3:43 PM  
Blogger Lana Kirby said...

Hello ... My grandfather was Earl Hobbs. Earl and Rebecca Hobbs raised 12 children in Powell County, VA (Lee County)? Our family still owns the farm and there is a Hobbs family cemetary on the property. Does anyone know how many generations down Earl Hobbs would have been from Vincent Hobbs, Jr.? I can remember my dad telling me stories about his grandfather (or maybe it would have been his great grandfather) shooting indians off cliffs. Herman Hobbs was my dad's name. Only 2 of the 12 children are alive today.

January 26, 2018 at 9:43 AM  

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